You are:

Celebrating your birthday today.  And might I say, you absolutely, positively do NOT look this new age you're trying on for the first time today.

A wonderful wife, mother and grandmother (to grandbabies biological and adopted).

A truly gifted musician.  Your talent, with true humility, has touched me more times than I can remember.  

A fellow coffee and chocolate lover.  'Nuff said.

A priceless gift from God to those who know you and love you.

A beautiful person, inside and out. 

An awesome

The owner of the most infectious laugh!  Your joy shines through your eyes, overwhelming mere mortals like me with its warmth.

The most eloquent prayer warrior.  I picture God smiling from ear to ear whenever I'm blessed to listen in on your conversation with Him. 

Obviously a saint - for putting up with your trouble-making husband for all these years.

A wonderful teacher - your love of music is your gift to the children you teach.

A true friend.

An absolute blessing to me and my family.  

Thank you for all that you do (and have done) for our family; for being right there with us during a really sad and confusing season - comforting when needed, always praying, and loving us through it all.  Then, rejoicing with us when a crazy little monkey boy came into the world and into our hearts.   You were there all along - loving him from the day he was born.  Thank you for being a very special part of our lives.

Happy Birthday, sweet Nonny!

Liar, liar, pants on fire.....

These are the facts:   The little man came home yesterday afternoon with a bag full of gifts purchased from the Santa Shop at his school.  Knowing good and well that I hadn't sent any money to school, I asked him where he'd gotten money for gifts.  He responded that he'd found $10 on the floor at school, and used that.  I told him he should have returned the money to his teacher or another adult, to which he said he had.  Now, we'd probably been talking about this for 5-6 minutes at this point and this was the first time he'd mentioned giving the money to anyone .   So, I tried to get him to backtrack and tell me the whole story again.  I had a feeling we were jumping into something I didn't want to think about:  outright lying.

He re-tells the whole incident.  This time, of course, adding the fact that he'd given his teacher the money.  I stopped him mid-story and asked him if he'd told her he'd found it:  "No."    Ok.   Then, what did she say when you handed her the money?  "Nothing."  
Hmm.  She said nothing when a 6 year old hands her a ten dollar bill?  (I said I thought we might have a case of lying going on, I didn't say he was very good at it.)
I told him I would be seeing his teacher in the morning (today) and I'd find out the truth, and gave him ample opportunity to come clean.  Nothing.  He stuck to his story.   Fast forward to this morning, on the way to school.

Car:  I have a crisp ten dollar bill in my pocket and a bunch of questions for the teacher.  I ask the child in the backseat if there was anything he wanted to tell me before we got to the school and I spoke to Mrs. H?   Nope.  Nothing.  

School:  Money in hand, I say good morning to Mrs. H.,  then start to say,  "Ben told me he found...."  But before I could even get the sentence out, she had a smile on her face and was holding out a piece of paper for me to read.  It was an email from another parent in the class.  Needless to say, the story my child told me and the story related on the email were not the same. 

The truth:  The other child was sent to school with $20 to use at the Santa Shop.  He made his purchases, and should have been given $11 back.  The money was given to Mrs. H. to be returned to the child.  Mrs. H. confirmed that she'd given the change to the child with the instructions to put it way deep into his pocket, so he wouldn't lose it.   This is where my sweet child comes into the story (and this is also where the story gets a wee bit confusing).    According to the email, at some point during the day, the little boy gave my child $10 to "rent" a book. (?)  Not one to let money sit around for long, Ben went on a shopping spree at the Santa Shop.   I don't know what else the little boy told his mom, but I do know now that the story we got was a complete falsehood.  

Where do we go from here?  When given multiple opportunities to redeem himself, he wouldn't.  I understand that maybe he thought since the little boy had given him the money, he felt like he could use it as he wished - but why would he make up a story about finding it?  And then,  knowing I'd find out the truth, he doggedly stuck to his story?!  

Well, hopefully, there will be no bad feelings between the children, his parents and our family.  I don't know them at all, I don't even know which child it is in the class - but we've returned the money, so I hope this is over and done with.  Mrs. H. said she'd go over the incident with both boys today and see what she could do to straighten things out. 

What's next? 

Good morning

Woke the little man this morning with a kiss and a back scratch. 
The usual: "up, down, over" directions started long before all the cobwebs were cleared. 

Scratch.  Direct.  Rub.

"No, Mom!  Scratch!"    Oops.  Pardon me, sir.

More directions:   "down, down, down".   Down to the perfect little boy bottom covered in tighty whities. 

"I am NOT scratching your bottom, mister!"  as I poked it with my finger. 

Giggling, he said, "That's not my botttom, Mama, those are my bottom boobs!" 

No, that's not a word we normally use. I've heard him say it before referring to my, um...lady parts....and have corrected him immediately, but this morning I didn't.  I laughed. 

I'm probably gonna regret that.

Change a life


 Spent a bit of time away from my guys this past weekend - first time ever being away from them both (at the same time) that I can recall!  Went to Atlanta with a group of 50-something gals from church to the Women of Faith Conference, where we heard several wonderful speakers:  Patsy Clairmont,  Andy Andrews, Anita Renfroe and MaryBeth Chapman to name a few.  Oh!  And music.  MUSIC!!  Oh my!! 
Mandisa - girl!  She is full of awesomesauce! 
Sandi Patti - no words can begin to describe the talent. 
And best of all:  Steven Curtis Chapman.  Oh my heart just breaks with the beauty of the words and music he makes.

While at the conference, I learned about a program called World Vision.  We saw a very moving video about a woman who, through WV, had sponsored a child in Ethiopia.  This video and the words spoken afterward led me to make the decision to help out a child too.  I made my way to the World Vision table.  There,  I stood for a few minutes looking at the many, many photos of children from all parts of the globe that so need our help.  Many had eyes that were much older than their age.  In those eyes, I saw hopelessness and fear;   things no child should ever have to experience.

I asked for a child near Ben's age because I can't bear the thought that there are children out there, not much different than my baby, who are hungry or scared or hopeless.   So, after a few minutes of searching, I found our sponsor child.  He's 6 years old; he lives in Brazil with his mother and 4 siblings.  His name is Ruan.  

I came home with his profile in a folder, waiting for the right time to bring it up.  I want this to be something that I can do with Ben, to teach him how very blessed we are (he is) and so that he will know that not everyone is as fortunate.   Greg went upstairs to play his guitar (probably looking for a little down-time -- being the only entertainment to a very active son for the weekend will certainly wear a guy out!!)  I sat my sweet little boy next to me on the couch and told him I wanted to talk to him about something very important.  He sat still, listening as I told him about a little boy named Ruan that lives in Brazil.  We read his profile together.   We looked at his picture and we talked about the fact that Ruan and Ben are the same age, and probably likes to do some of the same things he does; but the big difference is that where our family has so much, his family has very little.
I asked him, "You know how when we go to the store, you sometimes say, 'Mama can I have this toy' and most of the time, I'll say yes?  Well, Ruan's Mom - even though she'd love to - probably can't do that."  

Then, after reading in the profile about Ruan's lack of food, I explained, "You know how when you ask me if you can have a snack after school, and I say sure?  Then you go to the cupboard and get whatever snack you want?  Well, Ruan isn't able to do that either because his family isn't able to afford much more than rice and beans."

I know that he probably doesn't entirely comprehend why he's able to have everything he needs/desires, when this little boy isn't,  but I know he got it.   As soon as I told him we were going to be sponsoring Ruan by sending our money to help, he got up and ran to his bedroom.  He went to his piggybank and brought back a handful of change and a dollar.  He said, "Can I send this?  Will this help?" 

I'd told Ben that one of the great things about sponsoring Ruan was that he could write letters and even send pictures to him.   So, we got out paper and pencil and these are the words Ben wrote to his new friend:

     Dear Ruan,
          My name is Ben.  I am six years old.   I live in Georgia.  That is in the United States. 
     We want to help you.  God loves you so much.  Please write me back.
     From:  Ben

Words written from my little boys heart, to another little boy half a world away. 

If you'd like to know more about World Vision, here's the link:
I can't wait to get started.  

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."  Matthew 18:5 (NIV)


This snippet of conversation heard Saturday morning between Nana and Ben, on our way to Ben's Very First Ever(!) football game.  Topic?  Obviously: the upcoming game.   

Nana asked Ben, "Did you know your Daddy was a football player?" 

Ben:  "But I thought he was an Engineer!"



There will come a day, I know, where I won't be as needed as I am now.  I see glimpses of the future from time to time:  Mr. Independent has been showing up more and more frequently at our house of late.   But occasionally, I'm still needed. 

My schedule at work allows me to be off on Monday and Friday (yeah, I know:  how awesome is that?) so, those days I get to take the short one to school.   I really enjoy being able to do that; I get to talk to him about his day, make plans for the evening, and most importantly - get a last minute hug and kiss that, I hope, will go with him all day.  

This morning was no different.  As we broke several speeding laws drove to the school, I told him I wasn't sure if I'd be able to walk him in (because we were running a little bit late and I'd have to find a place to park and I just didn't know if we'd make it in time, and, and, and!)    As it happened, we made excellent time driving like a bat out of hell.  As I was about to turn into the school entrance, he asked me if we were late.  I said no, we've got plenty of time (booyah!).  Then, the sweetest question:  Do we have time for you to walk me in? 
Oh, absolutely, sweetie!  

I'm still needed.  Whew.

"In all our contacts it is probably the sense of being really needed and wanted which gives us the greatest satisfaction and creates the most lasting bond."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Top this, 5-star restaurant!

Last night's supper was basically a 'Fend for Yourself' affair.  Leftovers, check: just heat 'em up yourself.  Well, except for Ben - even though he makes a mean scrambled egg (with supervision!) I didn't force him to fix his own supper...I'm not that bad of a mom!  Sheesh!
As I'd had a cup of coffee late in the afternoon that sort of took my appetite away, I didn't eat, thinking I'd just grab something a little later. ha

Probably an hour or so later, as we were sitting at the kitchen table working on spelling words, math problems and sight words, I decided to finally fix myself something to eat.  But, before I could throw anything together, something else came up and the opportunity for me to eat was lost.

More time passed.

Even later, at Ben's urging, we trudged outside to listen to the night sounds on the back porch - we had lots of rain this weekend; happy frogs make lots of noise!  After we'd oohed and ahhed over the frog songs, The Daddy said sweetly, "I have an idea! Why don't you go make us some chocolate chip cookies, Mama?" 
To which, The Son jumped up and down saying, "YES!  Cookies! Mama!? Make some cookies!?!"
I answered, "Um. I don't think so. I still haven't had supper.  Remember?  And besides, it's after 8.  No cookies tonight."   As I laughed maniacally and shuffled off into the dark woods...
The Daddy agreed, saying he didn't realize it was that late.  Well, not five seconds after that, Ben jumped up to go inside.  I peeked in on him to see what was so important that he had to run inside, only to find him in the kitchen - obviously up to something.  So, we waited.

A few minutes later, my baby boy walked outside with a little plate.  On that little plate was a sandwich and one of his snack bags of pre-cut apples with grapes.  He'd made my supper!   The sandwich?  Grape jelly and apricot preserves.  He said he'd looked for the peanut butter in the cupboard but couldn't find it, so he just used apricot preserves instead. 
After a quick hug, he rushed back inside to make me something to drink (and so Daddy could show him where the PB was).  He returned with my drink (and the PB) and stood there,  just beaming.

I lost it.

My sweet baby made my supper!

Daddy had to explain that Mom's tears were happy tears.  I told him it was the best sandwich I'd ever, ever had.  And it was. 

I love him. 

ps - this morning, as I helped him out of the shower, he said, "you're welcome for the supper last night" and gave me a warm, wet hug. 

You did WHAT??

Sitting on the couch Thursday night, long after the kiddo had gone to bed (and I presumed was fast asleep) I had a visitor.  He came walking into the living room in his underwear, crawled up on the couch with me, and said, "I can't sleep.  Can I sit with you?"  
Absolutely, baby.

So, after a few seconds of shuffling pillows, fleece blanket, Mom-parts and little boy-long-legs around - we're all comfy and snuggled in front of the tv.  I'd been watching something on the Food Network, enjoying the thoughts that, hey! I could totally do that - if I had all the time in the world, a chef's kitchen, unlimited resources and someone to clean up after me!!  (and a son that wouldn't turn his nose up at real food)
Well, I guess the show we were watching was bought and paid-for by Outback Steakhouse, because every commercial break included one from there.  We discussed how yummy the steak and shrimp looked, then decided that we would talk Daddy into taking us there for supper Friday night.  More snuggles n' cuddles and then it was back to bed for the little man. 
Fast-forward to Friday afternoon.   I had to make a mad dash to town before we went to out to eat,  so I picked Ben up after school and off we went.   We're about to get out of the car at the pharmacy when he informs me he'd had an 'accident' at school.  Now, this is something we've been dealing with for a looonnng time.  I think we have it licked, then it happens again.  I just don't understand it at all.  Well, this day, I may have over-reacted.  A little.  Ahem.

I couldn't believe it.  We'd (meaning: he'd) done so well over the summer - a few accidents here and there, but for the most part, clean as a whistle.  I've heard boys are at times tough to potty-train, but, geesh!  He's 6 now!  Potty-training has been over for years!   I've come to the conclusion that he tries to ignore the urge.  Ignore.Ignore.Ignore.  Oops!  Can't ignore anymore.  Then, to top it off, when he can't ignore it anymore and he has an accident, he doesn't bother to tell anyone.  Not that it's much of a secret anyway! 
So, I was Angry Mommy.   As we got out of the car and walked into the pharmacy, I threatened him to within an inch of his life with the ever popular: ifyouevensteponetoeawayfrommesohelpmeI'mgonna.......!!  
We made our purchases and back out the door we went.  

In the car on the way to meet Daddy, he was Mr. Chatterbox in the backseat.  I still fumed in the front seat.   Terse, one-word answers from me, interspersed with a few Ican'tbelieveyoudiditagain! and whatonearthwereyouthinking? spoken through clenched doesn't take a rocket scientist...he knew I was NOT HAPPY.  

Even though it was against my better judgment, we still went to Outback for supper.  Remember up there where I mentioned the snuggles n' cuddles and talking about Outback for supper?  Yeah.  Well, that warm fuzzy feeling somehow evaporated, leaving behind an angry, not-nice person.  Me.  Mom of the Year.

I pulled into a parking spot, put the car in park and start to gather my things to get out, when I hear from the backseat:  (you'll have to imagine the heartbreaking, shaky, I'm-about-to-bawl voice) 
"Mom?  Even though I stinkied in my pants, can you at least look on the bright side?" 

The bright side?!  And what is that? 

"We're still a family and I still love you."

Maybe it was the August heat in Georgia.  Maybe it was the little manipulator with blue eyes.  Certainly, though, I melted.  Right there in the Outback Steakhouse parking lot: a big puddle of Angry Mom.  I leaned over and looked into those big blue eyes, welling with tears, and said "I know, baby.  No matter what, we're always gonna be a family and I'll always, always love you." 
Big hugs and kisses ensued.  All was right with our world.  

Bring on the steak and shrimp!!

*forgot to say that when we picked up the Daddy, HE was the one to take the stinky boy into the restroom at the office, strip him down and clean up the 'accident'....I might have drown him....just sayin'.


Free to a good home:  Bad Attitude (size medium)  Small spot of grumpy on the front, but not really noticeable unless you look at it in bright light.  Or any light. 
Condition: pretty shabby, but could be polished to restore its shine using a mixture of salt water, sand and sun.  Very little elbow grease required. 
Will deliver locally.

First Grader

I've got your brand-spankin' new backpack all ready.   Your lunchbox is packed with all the things you told me that you wanted to take.  I ironed your clothes, for what good it'll do - they'll be wrinkled before they've been on your body for 30 seconds.   Got ya the fastest tennis shoes we could find - and after a day of arguing and whining practice, you can even tie the laces! Yay!  I even bought you new socks and underwear.   I want your first day of school to be THE BEST.  Top to bottom.

We celebrated your "Last Free Day" today, thanks to your Daddy.  We had a great time together,  just the three of us; our little family.   It was your special day.  
Roller skating this afternoon, you turned to us and asked, "Well, how'd I do?" 
I said, "Awesome!" 
Daddy said, "Great job, bud!"  
You said, "I was looking for amazing."

You got it, bud.  You're amazing to me.  And Daddy.   Happy First Day of 1st Grade my little man.   I'll miss you being here with me on my days off.   You go, though, and show everybody else how amazing you are. 



Ok.  I have a problem.  See that Photobucket bug that's floating around behind my posts??  Yeah, that one.  ANYBODY know how to get rid of it??? 
Oh, and another thing; please explain: I used my own pictures on my blog - why am I getting Photobucket notices anyway?!?    Help!   Anyone out there???

my sweet boy

Oh, kiddo, you're all boy.  You amaze me with your energy and your imagination.  Unless you're sleeping, you're generally moving in some manner.  Every spare second is spent using your imagination; usually fighting bad guys - complete with sound effects.  Anything can be a weapon in your imagination, sometimes it's just your own super 'moves' that'll take 'em down.  Karate, jujitsu?  Who needs 'em?  I've never felt more safe than when you're defeating the bad guys in the living room.

You challenged your Daddy to a race tonight because you're convinced that you're faster than him now.  Because we'd just eaten, the race had to be put off for a little while (somebody probably would've thrown up).  But when that day comes, I'll be the referee.  You're pretty quick - Daddy has his work cut out for him! 

At supper tonight, you spent most of the time talking and dancing instead of eating.  So entertaining - we laughed and completely enjoyed your little show. 

When we had to make a trip to the grocery store this afternoon, you grabbed my hand in the parking lot without me even asking.   And I got a sweet, sweet hug in the meat department for absolutely no reason.  Mommy needs those from time to time - even in the meat department!

You're growing up so fast.  You are a such a pleasure to have around, little guy.   I'm unbelievable blessed.


Vacation question and answer session.

Setting:  Post-vacation-loaded car - somewhere between Orlando, FL and Waverly Hall, Ga.

Question:  "Hey, sweetie - what was your favorite thing about vacation this year?"

Answer: "Swimming!"

Um.  And how much money did we spend on theme park tickets again??

Question:  "So, what was the next favorite thing about vacation?"

Answer:  "Sleeping in the bed with y'all!"  


Question:  "What was your least  favorite thing about vacation?"

Answer:  "When you got sick." 

Aww.  Who cares about how much money we spent.  That's just a sweetie right there.

Love and War

I'm being shot in the brain by a Lego-storm-trooper-clone-thingy. I've suffered multiple head wounds at close range. Laser shots, 'power shoots', and blasters.

He said he was gonna "shoot my brain so I wouldn't love him anymore".
I told him (as I kissed his ENTIRE face) that there wasn't a gun, or laser, or blaster or cannon or ANYthing big enough to shoot that outta me!

He said, "Aww, c'mon Mom, stop kissin' me!"

Nope!  Never! Everever will I do that.


Sitting here at the kitchen table, enjoying my coffee for breakfast,  while I wait for the tv antenna (antennae?) installers - who were supposed to be here at 8 am...drums fingers on the table....

Just got buzzed by a visiting hummingbird!  I'd noticed them this weekend, out front - going back and forth to the (empty) feeders.  But this morning, he/she came right up to the kitchen window and peeked inside!  Methinks he's trying to tell me something.  Wonder what it could be? 

Had a really nice weekend, thanks for asking!  Friday night, the little man and his Daddy camped out in the back yard.  Yeah, they really roughed it out there in the wilderness.....DH had to have his fan and  they slept on a queen-sized inflatable mattress. 
Me?  I wasn't invited.  Boys only. 

Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then had to hurry over to the soccer field for little man's last soccer game of the season.  So much fun watching the kids run and run and run.  I'm jealous of all that energy!  All in all, I think soccer was a good experience for Ben - he really seemed to enjoy the game and certainly enjoyed all the running.  It's been so sweet to watch him out on the field - he kept a perpetual smile on his face, and would cheer his friends when they'd make a goal.  Then, to see him run with his hands in the air, cheering after he'd made a goal was just priceless. 

(oh, the installers just got here - it's 8:58 am)     (grr)

A few errands then back home for the day.  Around lunchtime, we were overtaken by the sleepies while sitting on the back porch listening to the birds and enjoying the breeze.  Being the rednecks that we are, we pulled the inflatable mattress (from the aforementioned tent) onto the back porch,  and that's where my napping buddy and me had our Saturday afternoon nap.

Saturday night, I had a date with my hubby while little man had a date with his girlfriend(s)
B, C and of course, Nonny.  We are so thankful to that wonderful family for welcoming little man (and us!) into their family.  They overlook the fact that he's a wild child and laugh at his antics just like real grandparents/aunts would!  :)

Sunday morning:  church, then lunch.  I got to take another nap - not on the porch this time, though - and no napping buddy.  I had to force myself, but I did it!
After supper, we had a really nice thundershower come through the area.  There's few things we like more, so we went outside to enjoy it.  Little man kept trying to stick his hand/head out to get them wet, so I told him just take your clothes off and then you can stand under the run-off from the roof.   He looked at me like, really?  I said sure, go ahead.  (redneck, yes)
So he did.  Crazy kid.  It was cold!   After he'd been playing in it for a little while, I asked him if he wanted to 'take a shower', when he said yes, I went in to get his shampoo/body wash.  So, to cap off the weekend, my little Harris County-redneck-son took a 'shower' on the back porch - in the rain.   Are we classy or what?  He said he was going to tell his Kindergarten teacher today that he'd taken a shower in the rain.   Great. 
Nice to meet ya, we're the Clampetts.

So, thats a recap of our weekend.  How'd you show your redneck roots this weekend?

Welcome! (wipe your feet)

Ok!  I think it's presentable now.  Come on in. 
Whatcha think? 
Do ya like?  Do ya?  Hmm??

Smells clean.
No leaks.
Really like the fresh flowers.

Yeah, I think we're good for a little while.


time for a re-do!!

Pardon the mess....I'm attempting to redecorate.  The sailboat had to go, tired of looking at it - not to mention the leaks!  So, unless you want to help with the clean-up and all, you might want to come back a little bit later.  (although, I do have an extra broom, and paint brush around here somewhere....)


Had a great weekend with both sides of the family for Mother's Day.  Spent Sunday morning at church with Nanny and Pop,  then went to eat lunch with Granny at her assisted living facility, or her "house" according to Ben.   After we stuffed ourselves on good, old-fashioned Southern cookin', we went down to the river to celebrate with my Mama. (where we had the opportunity, again, to stuff ourselves - I think we were pretty good, though.  I only had strawberry shortcake, little man had 2 more deviled eggs....adding to the 4 he had at our first lunch) 

It was really a beautiful, if not a little chilly, day.  We had a fire in the fire pit where we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  Man!  They're sweeter than I remembered from when I was a kid.  (Oh yeah, I had s'mores too; guess I didn't do as well as I'd thought) 

Our brother-in-law J brought his and the boys' kayaks.  My little daredevil decided he'd like to try to kayak, too.  So his Daddy snapped him in a life vest and helped him in his cousin's kayak.  J taught him how to hold the paddle and off they went!  This child knows no fear!  He had a big smile on his face the entire time he was in the water....

We all got a little tickled when he got a bit too close to the pier across the inlet from my Aunt's place - bless his heart, he couldn't figure which way to paddle, so he pretty much crashed (gently) into the pier.  Then, he couldn't quite figure out how to get out of his predicament, ie: how to "back it up".   Uncle J came to the rescue though, then he was off again. 

We left around 6 pm or so to head home.  We weren't in the truck for 20-25 minutes when I looked in the back seat and the little guy was out cold;  and yes, he then slept the entire trip.  When we got home, his daddy carried him in the house and as we were walking, we asked him about his day and told him how proud we were of his kayaking 'abilities'. 
His daddy said, "Boy, you can do anything, can't ya?"
Ben replied, "No.  I can't do a back flip." 

LOL!  I guess everything else is a breeze, but those back flips - can't do 'em!!

My Mother's day was wonderful, too.  I got a lovely card and some sweet-smelling lotion, shower gel and body spray from my little man (and his daddy).  I also got hand-made cards and goodies that he made at school.   My favorite gift of all?  My baby climbing into bed with me Sunday morning, a sweet smile, and a whispered, "Good morning, Mama".  Complete with hug and kiss.

I love being mama to this sweet, sweet boy.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ben!!!

You went to bed 5 years old.  You woke up this morning and you had miraculously turned 6!!  You're 6 years old!!   Where has the time gone, little man? 

Yesterday, you were just a little bigger than your (now favorite) stuffed bear named Bear.

Yesterday, you were all snuggled in your little onesie, playing with your feet.  I gave you your bottle and you fell asleep with your belly full.

Yesterday,  I held you in my arms while I rocked you and sang to you.  Daddy doesn't know our secret; that I would sit with you in my lap all day, just so I could look at you and memorize your every feature,  only getting up to go to the bathroom or to make you another bottle. 

Yesterday, you had your first day of preschool.  I took you and left you there at the school, worrying that you'd miss me or be scared - I was worried for nothing.  You had a ball.

Yesterday, I surprised you by meeting your class at the Aquarium for your field trip.  Your face lit up so bright when I told you that I'd been able to get off work unexpectedly and I could stay - and you didn't let go of my hand all day!

Yesterday, you started Kindergarten! You were so excited to be able to ride the school bus for the first time.  You got on board with a wave and a smile and never looked back.

Yesterday, you rode your bike without the training wheels for the first time.  We took the training wheels off and we gave it our best shot, and off you went!  Now, you're doing tricks and nothing scares you at all.  You were so excited to show Daddy your new accomplishment.

Yesterday,  you wrapped Daddy and me around your little finger.  Today, tomorrow and forever you will always be my baby.  I'm so thankful to God for the special gift of YOU.   Your heart, your spirit, your love of life,  your energy, your beauty.   All are gifts I'll treasure all the days of my life.

Happy 6th Birthday my little man.  Mommy loves you so much.


I'm sitting on my new back porch.  Yes, I have things that need to be done, and you're right, this ain't gettin' 'em done.   Hush. 
But, just look.   Look outside!  It's beautiful!   The sun is so bright, the sky has absolutely no clouds.  The trees have completely changed over the last week and a half - there are new,  tender leaves - the prettiest green you've ever seen!  The dogwoods are in full bloom.  The birds are singing from every corner of the yard.  I hear no sounds other than the sounds of nature.   It's just beautiful.   And so peaceful. 
This setting has a horrible worsening effect on my chronic daydreamitis.  I remember a hundred years ago in elementary school, a teacher wrote, "Teri is a day-dreamer.  She'd rather look out the window...blah blah blah."   Well, y'know what?  I still am!  I'd rather look out the window than do many, many things.  
Oh, goodness, it's so peaceful and private and wonderful and lovely out here.  I'm very, very happy to be here in this time and place.  Thank you, Lord, for leading us home.

backyard blessings

We made our first fire in the firepit the other night.  I'd bought hotdogs and marshmallows so we could enjoy some nice, charred food.  I hear it's good for digestion.

We sat around the fire with our weenies in the fire wire-coat-hanger-impaled-supper and dessert (not at the same time, that's just gross) and talked about life and anything else that came to our minds.  The first songs from the frogs down at the creek started just after dark.  We made little man hush (not an easy task) so he could hear them; that little city boy has so much to learn about living in the country!   I asked him - "what do you think they're saying, bud?"
His answer?

 "they're saying thank you, God".

Yep, bud.  I think they are.  I really think they are.


The movers came on Wednesday to start packing us up for another move. We've been through this many times in our family history, but mostly BB*. This will be little man's 2nd move.

For anybody 'just visitin' my little corner of the blog world (hey y'all! welcome!!) a little
back-story.   We moved from our home of 10 years up to Atlanta about 2 years ago. When we made the move, we thought it would be for the last time. Funny how we forgot to take into account that we aren't in control of our futures. So, we put our house on the market and headed back 'home'.

Home to our little family is just 2 hours south of Atlanta. This is where we have friends that we've had for 10 years. Our church home is here.  Little man has "grandparents" here: folks who love him as much as his real grandparents do. My special group of ladies that I love more than chocolate, are here.  It is home. 
But, you know? Home is wherever our family is. 
Right now, we're living in an extended stay hotel. It's not bad, really. It has a little kitchen, (fun to try to see what I can cook for my family with one skillet, one small boiler and one medium boiler - oh, and no baking pans) a separate bedroom, and a living room.
We're doing ok here. Really.

Little man started his new school last week. He's, so far, enjoying it. On the way to school this morning, he asked me when we could go visit his old school in Marietta.  Y'know, that's the first time he's even brought it up since we left? He's been so excited about his new school, that I guess he just sort of forgot. I told him it'd be hard to go visit, but we could certainly send his class a postcard from here. Surely to goodness we'll be able to find a postcard somewhere, right??

So, we await the closing date for our home up there, and soon afterward, here. I'm ready to get back to normal. It's all a bit surreal, to be honest. My brain has had a hard time deciphering things - I forget where we are, who 'belongs' where, etc. But, I'll get it. I'll figure everything out, eventually.

We made the walk up the aisle yesterday to re-join our old church. (Oh yeah - the invitation song? "Lord, I'm Coming Home"). We're so glad to be back, but sad that the part of our lives 'up North' is over. We made wonderful friends in the short time we were there. We'll miss everyone at our church - especially our Sunday school friends, choir. My buddies at work - through all the hell we went through, one constant: our friendships. I'll miss you guys so much.

To repeat though - home is wherever our family is. Our family is whole; together and happy. Right now, we're enjoying a little vacation of sorts. It'll make getting into our new home that much sweeter. Right now, home is right here. And we're fine.

It's a hard-knock life.....

Soooooo. We had a wee bit of an afterschool meltdown here this was just your typical, run-of-the-mill little boy who had played too hard and was too tired so he fell asleep in the car on the way home from school and was SOOOO TIRED and sleepy that when we got to the hotel he COULDN'T POSSIBLY walk on his OWN and MAMA PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE, oh PLEEEAAASEE, carry me, because I just CAN'T WALK oh MAMA PLEEEASSSEE cause I'M SOOOO TIRED.
Then, when I denied him (egad!!) he had a bit of a personal crisis. His whole world imploded around him. I explained that I had too much stuff to carry and I couldn't carry him AND everything else, too. Rational, don't ya think? 5 year old + rational thought = bwahahahaa!!

Which he replied, "I know, I'll carry something too and then you can carry me!"
When I tried to explain that no, I wasn't going to do that because then I'd be carrying everything AND him. He didn't quite get it. Hence the meltdown and implosion.

Poor kiddo. What a mean Mommy he has.

celebration and sadness

Little man's kindergarten class had a birthday party a week or so ago for Karla. On their way home from school, he told his Daddy all about the cake and how they celebrated her special day and that her father even came for the party. How tough was that walk, to come into the classroom for your deceased childs birthday party? God bless you, Mr. Campos.

And Happy Birthday, sweet angel in heaven.

Snow is snowy when it's snowing.....

Here it is, March 2nd - my birthday - and once again we have snow in Atlanta. What's up with that? So, when school was released 2 hours early, little man flew off the bus with a huge smile on his face and came running, full-force, right into me - waiting at the end of the driveway.
"Can I go play, Mom?" "Can I?"

I tell him we have to get his clothes changed first (because he's wearing pajamas....not only do I share my birthday with my wombmate seester, but also Dr. Seuss! So today the kids got to bring their favorite Dr. Seuss book to school and got to wear their pjs, too).
Upstairs we go. I layered him up in sweats and blue jeans, then took him to the kitchen to wrap his feet in plastic wrap. Even though we've had at least 10 years worth of snow this winter alone, we don't own snow shoes. Why should we? We live in ATL, for heaven's sake! Just as soon as I go purchase a pair, any and all snow will disappear; never to be seen again. So, I do what my mama did for us - I wrapped those little piggies up tight - in plastic wrap.

Now, I believe I have one-upped Mama's old plastic wrap though - I pulled out my handy-dandy Glad Press n' Seal wrap and proceeded to seal those little pink toes up like a little hamburger patty ready for the freezer. I put his tennis shoes on over that, pulled his toboggan down over his ears, helped him with his gloves, zipped up his coat and sent him out into the white day.

Approximately one hour later, my little frozen feller came in, soaking wet. Everything but his piggies. They were dry and warm and perfectly pink.

I eated him.

Yes, Virginia......

One of the many questions that tend to keep me up at night finally made it's way into conversation a couple of weekends ago. Completely out of the blue.
We were in the car, headed somewhere; the sweetest hubby was driving, little man was in the back seat and I - blissfully unaware that I'd have to make a huge decision in a few seconds - was in the front passenger seat.
The sweetest voice in the world piped up from the back, asking:

"Mom, is Santa Claus real?"

My stomach dropped. My eyes went wide. I turned my head slowly to the DH with a 'oh, crap, now what?' look. I tried to ignore the question. I tried to pretend I had misunderstood. Seconds felt like minutes, when finally, I said, "Why do you ask, baby?" (oh no, oh no, oh no!)

"Because, ****** told me at school, that Santa Claus isn't real." (name omitted to protect the innocent little creep that just about ruined my sweet baby's childhood fantasies......grrrrrr!!)

DH, at this point, asked me just who is this ****** kid? I told him he's a very sweet little boy in little man's class. I know his mom, she's super-nice - but, c'mon! They're 5!!! Even if you don't believe - don't go blabbering it to everybody!

So, here goes. I have to make a decision here - split-second, I might add - do I lie, and keep up the act; or go ahead and tell him the truth? Now, people, he's 5! He'll learn soon enough about all the bad things in life.
I decided to keep up the act. Let him (and me!) keep the magic for a little while longer. Oh, and yes, he knows the most important, true meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth. But, Santa is a special little bit of lagniappe that I'm not willing to let go of. Yet.

So, I gave a tried and true politician-type answer..... er, non-answer.

I said, "Well, I believe in Santa. And Daddy, don't YOU believe in Santa?"

To which Daddy answered, "Absolutely!"

I said, "Didn't he bring you gifts this Christmas?"

Daddy then informed him that not everyone believes the same things that we do, and that's ok. We're not to judge what others believe.

Little man seemed ok with those answers and let the subject go. For now.

Now, I wait for the next questions. Whatever they may be.

Oh, and I've adopted this from a friend: If you don't believe, you don't receive.
(I believe, I believe!) :)


Little man had to move his clip at school today....twice. He told me just as soon as he walked through the door, which is good. Mommy's not happy if she finds out on her own. Oh, and he also told me that he'd been wrongly accused by his BFF. Swears he didn't do it. (yes, they're always innocent...) Innocent maybe -but he still got in trouble enough to get a note sent home. This is Big Trouble at our house.

So, we're sitting at the bar having an afternoon snack and also discussing his punishment. When he gets a note home from school, the standard punishment is: no TV, no computer time, no outside time. He knows this - but, ya can't blame a kid for trying.

"when I finish my snack, can I go over to Miss Alicia's and play with their wii?"

"No, you can't. You can't watch tv or play games here, why do you think you can go over there and play?"

"because. well, can they come over here and play with my wii?" (we don't have a wii)

"No, they can't. Remember, you can't go outside."

"fine. I'll just go upstairs to my room and I won't do a puzzle for you anymore and I won't snuggle with you anymore"

"Why am I being punished for something you did at school?"

"because when you punish me sometimes you get punish" (his words. Oh, and it's all so clear now.)

As he's walking up the stairs, he calls out, accusingly:

"ok, then - when you're ready to let me go outside, you can come upstairs and get me, but you better hurry because I can fall asleep real fast."

Hmph. I guess he told me.