cuddle time

Snuggling in the comfy chair with the sweetest boy a few minutes ago went a little sumpthin' like this:

"I love you, Mama."

"I love you too, baby. Hey, punkin', do you know how to spell 'I love you'?"

"Uh huh. M-o-m-m-y."

Yeah. I melted.


Another episode in the "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" chronicles.

Lunchtime today: walked my sweet self into Subway for a sammich - sporting my favorite Auburn scrubs. Could there be any better job in the world than nursing???? I mean, I get to wear my pjs to work!

Well, doncha know the first thing the 'sandwich artist' behind the counter says is "Auburn!?" ('s hard to get across in typing form the nasal, sarcastic tone he used). Then, "didn't you see the sign on the door?"*

*Excuse me here - now, normally, I'd just laugh it off - because every.stinking.time I wear my AU scrubs to work I have to deal with the oh, so original! comments from the Dawg faithful that I'm forced to work with. A few brave souls (patients) might pipe up and mention something about my choice of teams - just a few though; I guess they know I could be the one administering their sedation for their colonoscopy, so I suppose they don't want to take a chance on gettin' me all riled up. (sorry, guess my redneck is showing)

Sooo. Back to Subway. Today, I'd had my fill. I turned around and looked at the door he indicated and said, 'No, but I could just as easy turn around and walk right back out that door'. No smile. Didn't laugh it off this time. The poor guy didn't know what to say!

I just don't understand it. Here I am a paying customer, and you're gonna insult me? Yeah, yeah - I know - he was just kidding. But sheesh! It happens every.stinking.time!!! I don't have a lot of AU paraphernalia; but the sweetest hubby IS an AU grad, so we are kind of proud to wear the team colors, y'know? We don't go overboard with it by any means - generally, it's a 'whatever is clean' in the closet kind of thing - so for someone to say something about it each and every time we wear our favorite team's logo, it gets kind of old.

Oh and um....I'm not stupid. I made sure to watch the 'artist' at work when he made my sandwich. Like I could possibly withhold your sedation if you get me riled up - he could do some really nasty things to my sammich - I'm just sayin........{shudder}

Graduation Day

Yesterday was another one of those 'I can't believe how fast time flies' moments. We celebrated the littleman's preK graduation. Can it be true? In a few short months, he'll be going to Kindergarten. 'Big School', as he calls it. Amazing.

We gathered out on the playground with the other parents, grandparents and families to wait on the graduates to come outside. Sweetest hubby and me climbed up to the top of the play equipment to get a good viewing/picture-taking platform. Then, here they come; in single file - some were walking with their heads straight forward, some were waving, some looked completely bored, some smiled, some looked thrilled and excited. Mine was one of the excited, smiling, waving ones. He was thrilled with the pomp and circumstance. They came to their chairs and were seated as one. An announcement by one of the teachers and then my baby and two others came forward to the platform to say the pledge. My baby! He stood up there in front of everybody, with his hand over his heart and a smile on his lips and said the pledge of allegiance - and I could hear his sweet voice above the crowd - he wasn't a bit nervous. (or it didn't show!)

Another song, then the teachers handed out gifts to their room moms and then they started giving out the certificates to the kids. Little man smiled from the moment he stood up till the moment he sat down.

Ok. So I kinda got a little moist behind my was hot out there. Shut up. It was.

I'm so happy that he feels so comfortable at his preschool, I know that he's loved there.
Soon, we'll start a new chapter in littleman's life. The beginning of elementary school.
I can't believe how fast time flies.


Last weekend we celebrated little man's 5th birthday at a local inflatables play place with 14 or so of his bestest buds. Then, family gathered at our house to un-wrap gifts and ooh and ahh. A 5 year old boy gets lots of toys for his birthday! I don't ever remember getting that much stuff - actually, I don't ever remember getting a birthday party, but that's another post for another day. Things were different 'back then', I guess. Hmm. Anyway.

So, we're unwrapping presents; some really neat toys, clothes (thanks MawMaw and Nanny!), more toys....and then - he picks up a wrapped shoebox. Paper ripped off - he pulls out a sneaker and says, "Hey! A SHOE!!!" Then, as everyone was properly impressed by the gift; he leans down to the box, jumps up quickly and shouts something to the effect of, "Cool! ANOTHER ONE!!!!"

Hee hee. Blesshisheart.