lunch date

Just had a pb&j with the little man.

I finished mine in record-time...only coffee for breakfast, so I was starving.

Little man wanted cheese puffs with his. ewww.

He ate his in typical little-boy fashion - straight down the middle of the sandwich. So when he brought me his paper plate telling me he was finished, I glanced at his face and on both sides of his mouth right up to his cheeks, was peanut butter. Kinda like a peanut butter smiley face.
When I told him he had peanut butter all over his face, he used the God-given 'napkin' attached at his shoulders - his arm. Now, he has peanut butter on his face, his ear, and his forearm.

Oh, and the cheese puffs died a horrible, peanut butter asphyxiation-death.....inside his sandwich.

R.I.P. cheese puffs.