differences in daytime and nightime.....and, um, spelling

I love, love, love to look at the various pieces of paper that come home from Kindergarten with the little man. I'm going through a stack right now; which ones to keep, and which to discard?

They've been working on the seasons, and most recently, the difference in night and day. One example of his work on night/day was two pieces of construction paper - one yellow, the other black - indicating day and night, of course - which are taped together. One the 'day' piece, he's cut out and pasted-on pictures of things pertaining to daytime......

Cutting grass

On the opposite side of the page, pictures pertaining to night.....


Now, he's labeled the pictures for your ease. Of course. You may notice a slight difference in the spelling. Ahem.

Sun = sun (ok, so that's an easy one...hang on)
Breakfast = drexkf (what?)
Bus = bus
Lunch = luth
Cutting grass = cuetnegras
Playground = playgrob
Owl = awl
Moon = moon
Sleep = slep

Any questions?

and the award goes to.......

Last night we were supposed to go to the ball park to celebrate the end of the fall t-ball season with a picnic party, but Mother Nature decided that we needed another soaking. So, fast and furious, our team mom scrambled to find a central meeting place - cue local pizza joint. Perfect.

We braved the cold, wet weather to meet the team for pizza and trophies (and lots of jumping up and down in the booths, laughing, talking, pizza, cookies, root 'beard', and fun). Coach Glenn was there; moms, dads, grandmas and all the kids from the team. As Coach stood up to give the trophies, you could see how much he'd truly enjoyed this team and how much time he'd spent working on the presentation of the trophies. It wasn't just stand up and hand out trophies, no - he'd made certificates for each player - even naming the awards after famous baseball players - while on the back of each certificate, he'd listed accomplishments for the child, and recommendations. This obviously took some time, thought and effort. He'd name the 'award', then tell why the particular player fit the criteria, then read off the accomplishments - funny, how as he listed them off, we could easily figure out who he was referring to! We had an awesome bunch of kids this fall season - so many little characters - but so sweet and so ready to play.

When it came time for our favorite little player to receive his award, Coach Glenn read off the title: "The Alex Rodriguez Award" for Best Overall Performance!
On the reverse side of the certificate is written:
Does: Many put outs - unassisted - 3 in one inning
Hits ball hard for power
Enthusiasm at every position
Shows learning by doing
Excels in all areas - also with team relationships and game situations!
Recommend playing all positions
Needs to: Relax at the plate when batting
Continue to play all positions
Study game situations & strategy
Teach other players to improve

Well, I don't mind telling you that this mama got a little misty. (I'm sure it was just the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza I'd been working on) I hid it well, though. I put the camera up to my face and snapped a few blurry, unfocused pics. Oh wait, I was blurry and unfocused - not the pics. Little man smiled like he'd won the world series. I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of that kid.

Great job, little man!

This one, I can't explain......

Some conversations are deeper than others, some not so memorable and some may be completely silly. You really never know what you're going to get when you talk to a 5 year old boy. Yesterday afternoon, the conversation the sweetest hubby and son had made my jaw drop to the floor. A little background first.

I'd left early for children's choir, leaving the two of them here to come over later. Before I left, I helped Ben get his clothes back on for church as he was in his usual state of dress: underwear and a smile. As I was heading to his room, I heard the sweet sound of a toy that, now that I think about it, I have no idea how to describe. It's one of those little plush, pull-type toys - this one happens to be a yellow kitty - with a hanger for the doorknob that plays a little lullaby when you pull it's tail... am I making any sense? Why can't I figure out what to call the blasted thing?? Anyway....we've had that little toy since Ben was a baby and I haven't seen it in probably a year or more - since we moved, I guess. So, when I walked into his room and heard the tinkling sound of a lullaby, I wondered what was up. Ben was standing in his room, hugging and cuddling the kitty, saying he wanted to take it to church with him. I told him no, he couldn't take it to church, but he could take it in the car with him if he wanted to. That seemed to appease him, so I helped him get dressed and went with him down the stairs, where I said my byes and left.

The rest of the story is recounted from what Greg told me. Ben was still hugging and cuddling the kitty as he sat on the couch to watch tv. At some point, he wound up sitting next to his daddy. Greg hugged him and asked him the age old question, "do you know how much I love you?" To which Ben answered, "more than God". His daddy explained to him that "No, God loves you even more than I or Mommy does".

Well, then Ben started telling his daddy a story. He said that when he was a baby, in heaven, that he was in a room with a bunch of other babies, and that God was there. He said that all the babies were soon gone - leaving him alone with God. He said that God stayed with him, played with him, and talked to him. But, then on a Thursday - God told him that in 3 days he'd come home to us.

Later, after we'd returned home from church, we three were standing in the kitchen. Greg asked Ben to tell me what they'd talked about earlier. Ben then proceeded to tell everything he'd told his daddy. I asked him what does God look like? He told me, " he has a beard, and white hair. And he wears a blue dress. And he's barefooted".

The description of God - I don't know if it's correct or not - have to wait and see.

The day of the week was wrong. But sometimes even now, he gets his days mixed up - so how much more so might he have gotten it wrong when he was still just a wish and a prayer in our hearts - but so well known by God!

The 3 days? Exactly spot on.

3 days was when he came into our home, our family, our hearts. 3 days old.

Thank you God for watching over him until you sent him home to be with us. And thank you God for watching over him now.