Well, it finally happened.....

Ben lost his first tooth yesterday -  at church.  Pulled it himself, and boy, was he proud!
On the way out, as we were visiting with folks in the lobby of the sanctuary, he had to tell everyone!!   (And thanks to our sweet church family, they acted properly impressed with the show and tell! )   :)  

I wondered if he'd ever lose the first tooth, to be honest!  Most of the kids in his class have already lost several teeth - they started in kindergarten or first grade - and here my sweet boy is, with all his baby teeth intact, nearing the end of second grade!   Our crazy dentist told us last summer that the permanent teeth were there, and they'd come out when they were ready, but sheesh! 

So, he's a snaggle-tooth monster now.  Oh!  Almost forgot!  We had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night too.  We weren't too sure of the 'going' rate for her services, but it seems that $5.00 is pretty popular around here, so that's what we did.   We put Ben to bed last night with his tooth safely on the bedside table so she'd be sure to find it.....the kid can NOT be still when he's in the bed and I could just imagine her search and rescue mission in the middle of the night looking for a lost tooth!  

He was thrilled with the surprise this morning.  I think he's already wiggling the next tooth so he can get another visit from the Tooth Fairy! 

What a kid.

Question:   Um.  Where does one store a slightly used tooth?