my sweet boy

Oh, kiddo, you're all boy.  You amaze me with your energy and your imagination.  Unless you're sleeping, you're generally moving in some manner.  Every spare second is spent using your imagination; usually fighting bad guys - complete with sound effects.  Anything can be a weapon in your imagination, sometimes it's just your own super 'moves' that'll take 'em down.  Karate, jujitsu?  Who needs 'em?  I've never felt more safe than when you're defeating the bad guys in the living room.

You challenged your Daddy to a race tonight because you're convinced that you're faster than him now.  Because we'd just eaten, the race had to be put off for a little while (somebody probably would've thrown up).  But when that day comes, I'll be the referee.  You're pretty quick - Daddy has his work cut out for him! 

At supper tonight, you spent most of the time talking and dancing instead of eating.  So entertaining - we laughed and completely enjoyed your little show. 

When we had to make a trip to the grocery store this afternoon, you grabbed my hand in the parking lot without me even asking.   And I got a sweet, sweet hug in the meat department for absolutely no reason.  Mommy needs those from time to time - even in the meat department!

You're growing up so fast.  You are a such a pleasure to have around, little guy.   I'm unbelievable blessed.


Vacation question and answer session.

Setting:  Post-vacation-loaded car - somewhere between Orlando, FL and Waverly Hall, Ga.

Question:  "Hey, sweetie - what was your favorite thing about vacation this year?"

Answer: "Swimming!"

Um.  And how much money did we spend on theme park tickets again??

Question:  "So, what was the next favorite thing about vacation?"

Answer:  "Sleeping in the bed with y'all!"  


Question:  "What was your least  favorite thing about vacation?"

Answer:  "When you got sick." 

Aww.  Who cares about how much money we spent.  That's just a sweetie right there.

Love and War

I'm being shot in the brain by a Lego-storm-trooper-clone-thingy. I've suffered multiple head wounds at close range. Laser shots, 'power shoots', and blasters.

He said he was gonna "shoot my brain so I wouldn't love him anymore".
I told him (as I kissed his ENTIRE face) that there wasn't a gun, or laser, or blaster or cannon or ANYthing big enough to shoot that outta me!

He said, "Aww, c'mon Mom, stop kissin' me!"

Nope!  Never! Everever will I do that.