Top this, 5-star restaurant!

Last night's supper was basically a 'Fend for Yourself' affair.  Leftovers, check: just heat 'em up yourself.  Well, except for Ben - even though he makes a mean scrambled egg (with supervision!) I didn't force him to fix his own supper...I'm not that bad of a mom!  Sheesh!
As I'd had a cup of coffee late in the afternoon that sort of took my appetite away, I didn't eat, thinking I'd just grab something a little later. ha

Probably an hour or so later, as we were sitting at the kitchen table working on spelling words, math problems and sight words, I decided to finally fix myself something to eat.  But, before I could throw anything together, something else came up and the opportunity for me to eat was lost.

More time passed.

Even later, at Ben's urging, we trudged outside to listen to the night sounds on the back porch - we had lots of rain this weekend; happy frogs make lots of noise!  After we'd oohed and ahhed over the frog songs, The Daddy said sweetly, "I have an idea! Why don't you go make us some chocolate chip cookies, Mama?" 
To which, The Son jumped up and down saying, "YES!  Cookies! Mama!? Make some cookies!?!"
I answered, "Um. I don't think so. I still haven't had supper.  Remember?  And besides, it's after 8.  No cookies tonight."   As I laughed maniacally and shuffled off into the dark woods...
The Daddy agreed, saying he didn't realize it was that late.  Well, not five seconds after that, Ben jumped up to go inside.  I peeked in on him to see what was so important that he had to run inside, only to find him in the kitchen - obviously up to something.  So, we waited.

A few minutes later, my baby boy walked outside with a little plate.  On that little plate was a sandwich and one of his snack bags of pre-cut apples with grapes.  He'd made my supper!   The sandwich?  Grape jelly and apricot preserves.  He said he'd looked for the peanut butter in the cupboard but couldn't find it, so he just used apricot preserves instead. 
After a quick hug, he rushed back inside to make me something to drink (and so Daddy could show him where the PB was).  He returned with my drink (and the PB) and stood there,  just beaming.

I lost it.

My sweet baby made my supper!

Daddy had to explain that Mom's tears were happy tears.  I told him it was the best sandwich I'd ever, ever had.  And it was. 

I love him. 

ps - this morning, as I helped him out of the shower, he said, "you're welcome for the supper last night" and gave me a warm, wet hug. 

You did WHAT??

Sitting on the couch Thursday night, long after the kiddo had gone to bed (and I presumed was fast asleep) I had a visitor.  He came walking into the living room in his underwear, crawled up on the couch with me, and said, "I can't sleep.  Can I sit with you?"  
Absolutely, baby.

So, after a few seconds of shuffling pillows, fleece blanket, Mom-parts and little boy-long-legs around - we're all comfy and snuggled in front of the tv.  I'd been watching something on the Food Network, enjoying the thoughts that, hey! I could totally do that - if I had all the time in the world, a chef's kitchen, unlimited resources and someone to clean up after me!!  (and a son that wouldn't turn his nose up at real food)
Well, I guess the show we were watching was bought and paid-for by Outback Steakhouse, because every commercial break included one from there.  We discussed how yummy the steak and shrimp looked, then decided that we would talk Daddy into taking us there for supper Friday night.  More snuggles n' cuddles and then it was back to bed for the little man. 
Fast-forward to Friday afternoon.   I had to make a mad dash to town before we went to out to eat,  so I picked Ben up after school and off we went.   We're about to get out of the car at the pharmacy when he informs me he'd had an 'accident' at school.  Now, this is something we've been dealing with for a looonnng time.  I think we have it licked, then it happens again.  I just don't understand it at all.  Well, this day, I may have over-reacted.  A little.  Ahem.

I couldn't believe it.  We'd (meaning: he'd) done so well over the summer - a few accidents here and there, but for the most part, clean as a whistle.  I've heard boys are at times tough to potty-train, but, geesh!  He's 6 now!  Potty-training has been over for years!   I've come to the conclusion that he tries to ignore the urge.  Ignore.Ignore.Ignore.  Oops!  Can't ignore anymore.  Then, to top it off, when he can't ignore it anymore and he has an accident, he doesn't bother to tell anyone.  Not that it's much of a secret anyway! 
So, I was Angry Mommy.   As we got out of the car and walked into the pharmacy, I threatened him to within an inch of his life with the ever popular: ifyouevensteponetoeawayfrommesohelpmeI'mgonna.......!!  
We made our purchases and back out the door we went.  

In the car on the way to meet Daddy, he was Mr. Chatterbox in the backseat.  I still fumed in the front seat.   Terse, one-word answers from me, interspersed with a few Ican'tbelieveyoudiditagain! and whatonearthwereyouthinking? spoken through clenched doesn't take a rocket scientist...he knew I was NOT HAPPY.  

Even though it was against my better judgment, we still went to Outback for supper.  Remember up there where I mentioned the snuggles n' cuddles and talking about Outback for supper?  Yeah.  Well, that warm fuzzy feeling somehow evaporated, leaving behind an angry, not-nice person.  Me.  Mom of the Year.

I pulled into a parking spot, put the car in park and start to gather my things to get out, when I hear from the backseat:  (you'll have to imagine the heartbreaking, shaky, I'm-about-to-bawl voice) 
"Mom?  Even though I stinkied in my pants, can you at least look on the bright side?" 

The bright side?!  And what is that? 

"We're still a family and I still love you."

Maybe it was the August heat in Georgia.  Maybe it was the little manipulator with blue eyes.  Certainly, though, I melted.  Right there in the Outback Steakhouse parking lot: a big puddle of Angry Mom.  I leaned over and looked into those big blue eyes, welling with tears, and said "I know, baby.  No matter what, we're always gonna be a family and I'll always, always love you." 
Big hugs and kisses ensued.  All was right with our world.  

Bring on the steak and shrimp!!

*forgot to say that when we picked up the Daddy, HE was the one to take the stinky boy into the restroom at the office, strip him down and clean up the 'accident'....I might have drown him....just sayin'.


Free to a good home:  Bad Attitude (size medium)  Small spot of grumpy on the front, but not really noticeable unless you look at it in bright light.  Or any light. 
Condition: pretty shabby, but could be polished to restore its shine using a mixture of salt water, sand and sun.  Very little elbow grease required. 
Will deliver locally.

First Grader

I've got your brand-spankin' new backpack all ready.   Your lunchbox is packed with all the things you told me that you wanted to take.  I ironed your clothes, for what good it'll do - they'll be wrinkled before they've been on your body for 30 seconds.   Got ya the fastest tennis shoes we could find - and after a day of arguing and whining practice, you can even tie the laces! Yay!  I even bought you new socks and underwear.   I want your first day of school to be THE BEST.  Top to bottom.

We celebrated your "Last Free Day" today, thanks to your Daddy.  We had a great time together,  just the three of us; our little family.   It was your special day.  
Roller skating this afternoon, you turned to us and asked, "Well, how'd I do?" 
I said, "Awesome!" 
Daddy said, "Great job, bud!"  
You said, "I was looking for amazing."

You got it, bud.  You're amazing to me.  And Daddy.   Happy First Day of 1st Grade my little man.   I'll miss you being here with me on my days off.   You go, though, and show everybody else how amazing you are.