I'm sitting on my new back porch.  Yes, I have things that need to be done, and you're right, this ain't gettin' 'em done.   Hush. 
But, just look.   Look outside!  It's beautiful!   The sun is so bright, the sky has absolutely no clouds.  The trees have completely changed over the last week and a half - there are new,  tender leaves - the prettiest green you've ever seen!  The dogwoods are in full bloom.  The birds are singing from every corner of the yard.  I hear no sounds other than the sounds of nature.   It's just beautiful.   And so peaceful. 
This setting has a horrible worsening effect on my chronic daydreamitis.  I remember a hundred years ago in elementary school, a teacher wrote, "Teri is a day-dreamer.  She'd rather look out the window...blah blah blah."   Well, y'know what?  I still am!  I'd rather look out the window than do many, many things.  
Oh, goodness, it's so peaceful and private and wonderful and lovely out here.  I'm very, very happy to be here in this time and place.  Thank you, Lord, for leading us home.

backyard blessings

We made our first fire in the firepit the other night.  I'd bought hotdogs and marshmallows so we could enjoy some nice, charred food.  I hear it's good for digestion.

We sat around the fire with our weenies in the fire wire-coat-hanger-impaled-supper and dessert (not at the same time, that's just gross) and talked about life and anything else that came to our minds.  The first songs from the frogs down at the creek started just after dark.  We made little man hush (not an easy task) so he could hear them; that little city boy has so much to learn about living in the country!   I asked him - "what do you think they're saying, bud?"
His answer?

 "they're saying thank you, God".

Yep, bud.  I think they are.  I really think they are.