hello? hello?

Just got in from the hospital about, oh, I guess 45 mins to an hour ago. Empty house. No note, no message. No sign of my guys. So, I place a call to the sweetest hubby's phone, but no answer. Hmm. Leave message, then wait for a response. Patiently.
Time passes.

Tried again to reach my guys. No answer.

One last time. Phone rings the obligatory 4-5 times, then straight to phone mail. Ugh. Hate phone mail. Since the first message I left hasn't been responded to, I hang up. The phone rings in my hand before I can even put it down.

me: hello?

him: hey, mommy. (do you know how much I LOVE being called mommy?!)

me: hey, baby! what are you doing, sweetie?

him: daddy's phone was ringing. is it charged now?

me: where's daddy? did you hear the phone ringing?
(I was a little confused. I had ended the call, or so I thought, so I wasn't even sure how he had gotten through.....)
did you call mommy?

him: i pushed the green button.

me: (still confused, but whatever.....) you answered daddy's phone?
how did you know what button to push?

him: yes. i pushed the green button.
i don't know.

A few seconds later, I hear the sweetest hubby's voice with an incredulous tone asking the little man what he's doing with his phone.

him: (matter-of-factly) talkin' to mommy.

Sweetest hubby figured it all out. Little man heard the phone ringing but before he could get to it, I'd hung up. But he didn't know that, so he pushed the green button to talk and that made the phone dial the last number received - mine!

Merry Christmas!

Man, it's been a while. Sorry.

Can I tell you how great it is that Christmas is almost here? Can I? Can I?
The sweetest little man is just over the moon about it, and it's rubbing off on his mama. We took our annual trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge a couple of weeks ago. We love making a trip up in early fall to see the leaves when they're putting on their show; but since the arrival of the little man 4 years ago, we've discovered another reason to make a trip in December.

The real Santa Claus lives in Pigeon Forge. Yes, he does. Oh, and he sings and plays the guitar.

On our inaugural visit to this magical, amazing Christmas store (really, I've never seen anything like this place) we got there right as Santa started a song. There were probably 5-6 kids sitting on little benches down in front of him as he sang. They were entranced.
So was I.

I listened to Santa sing as I held my little man. I was a goner. I had my sweet boy in my arms and I watched his eyes as he was so captivated by Santa.
The wonder, the awe. Santa!

I couldn't help it; I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat and all I needed was a little push and I would have gone full-out blubbering, over the edge.

His song? "Thank God for Kids".
(ok, so the video is a little cheesy, but the words.....sheesh! I'm all verklempt!)

Yep. Thank God for kids. And I do. This sweet, precious little boy - thank you, God.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.