Tears for a little girl lost

People, I am just beside myself. I am horrified beyond words. The world is full of evil, but this has touched me more than I can stand.

I try not to watch too much of the news just to protect myself from the 'misery porn' that permeates each and every newscast. Somehow, though, I got wind of the case of the little 5-year old girl reported missing last week. It seems that every week there is another case of a missing child! This case caught my attention because the little girl is the same age as my little man. I think of him - how innocent and trusting - he's only 5! This little girl - she's only 5!!

Check that - she was only 5 - they found her body today. Her little life was cut short by pure evil. This angel sent by God never had a chance to live. She never had a chance.

Her so-called mother - I can't even put into words. I cannot understand how someone who brought a child into the world could do something like what this woman is accused of doing. It's unfathomable to me.
The pictures released from the surveillance camera at the hotel showing a man holding her at the elevator just ripped my heart out. I wish I could erase the picture from my mind, but I can't. All I see is the trusting look on her face. She's holding a stuffed animal, for goodness sakes. Her little hand is on his shoulder! Oh, Dear Lord. What must she have faced? Who was there to comfort her? Her little mind couldn't have understood what was going on. Please Lord, let her not have known. Pure evil. Just pure evil. I just can't take it. It makes me ill.

Rest in peace little one. May you now rest in the arms of your Comforter, and Protector. May you now know true Love.

No one will ever, ever hurt you again, baby girl.