Sitting here at the kitchen table, enjoying my coffee for breakfast,  while I wait for the tv antenna (antennae?) installers - who were supposed to be here at 8 am...drums fingers on the table....

Just got buzzed by a visiting hummingbird!  I'd noticed them this weekend, out front - going back and forth to the (empty) feeders.  But this morning, he/she came right up to the kitchen window and peeked inside!  Methinks he's trying to tell me something.  Wonder what it could be? 

Had a really nice weekend, thanks for asking!  Friday night, the little man and his Daddy camped out in the back yard.  Yeah, they really roughed it out there in the wilderness.....DH had to have his fan and  they slept on a queen-sized inflatable mattress. 
Me?  I wasn't invited.  Boys only. 

Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then had to hurry over to the soccer field for little man's last soccer game of the season.  So much fun watching the kids run and run and run.  I'm jealous of all that energy!  All in all, I think soccer was a good experience for Ben - he really seemed to enjoy the game and certainly enjoyed all the running.  It's been so sweet to watch him out on the field - he kept a perpetual smile on his face, and would cheer his friends when they'd make a goal.  Then, to see him run with his hands in the air, cheering after he'd made a goal was just priceless. 

(oh, the installers just got here - it's 8:58 am)     (grr)

A few errands then back home for the day.  Around lunchtime, we were overtaken by the sleepies while sitting on the back porch listening to the birds and enjoying the breeze.  Being the rednecks that we are, we pulled the inflatable mattress (from the aforementioned tent) onto the back porch,  and that's where my napping buddy and me had our Saturday afternoon nap.

Saturday night, I had a date with my hubby while little man had a date with his girlfriend(s)
B, C and of course, Nonny.  We are so thankful to that wonderful family for welcoming little man (and us!) into their family.  They overlook the fact that he's a wild child and laugh at his antics just like real grandparents/aunts would!  :)

Sunday morning:  church, then lunch.  I got to take another nap - not on the porch this time, though - and no napping buddy.  I had to force myself, but I did it!
After supper, we had a really nice thundershower come through the area.  There's few things we like more, so we went outside to enjoy it.  Little man kept trying to stick his hand/head out to get them wet, so I told him just take your clothes off and then you can stand under the run-off from the roof.   He looked at me like, really?  I said sure, go ahead.  (redneck, yes)
So he did.  Crazy kid.  It was cold!   After he'd been playing in it for a little while, I asked him if he wanted to 'take a shower', when he said yes, I went in to get his shampoo/body wash.  So, to cap off the weekend, my little Harris County-redneck-son took a 'shower' on the back porch - in the rain.   Are we classy or what?  He said he was going to tell his Kindergarten teacher today that he'd taken a shower in the rain.   Great. 
Nice to meet ya, we're the Clampetts.

So, thats a recap of our weekend.  How'd you show your redneck roots this weekend?

Welcome! (wipe your feet)

Ok!  I think it's presentable now.  Come on in. 
Whatcha think? 
Do ya like?  Do ya?  Hmm??

Smells clean.
No leaks.
Really like the fresh flowers.

Yeah, I think we're good for a little while.


time for a re-do!!

Pardon the mess....I'm attempting to redecorate.  The sailboat had to go, tired of looking at it - not to mention the leaks!  So, unless you want to help with the clean-up and all, you might want to come back a little bit later.  (although, I do have an extra broom, and paint brush around here somewhere....)


Had a great weekend with both sides of the family for Mother's Day.  Spent Sunday morning at church with Nanny and Pop,  then went to eat lunch with Granny at her assisted living facility, or her "house" according to Ben.   After we stuffed ourselves on good, old-fashioned Southern cookin', we went down to the river to celebrate with my Mama. (where we had the opportunity, again, to stuff ourselves - I think we were pretty good, though.  I only had strawberry shortcake, little man had 2 more deviled eggs....adding to the 4 he had at our first lunch) 

It was really a beautiful, if not a little chilly, day.  We had a fire in the fire pit where we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  Man!  They're sweeter than I remembered from when I was a kid.  (Oh yeah, I had s'mores too; guess I didn't do as well as I'd thought) 

Our brother-in-law J brought his and the boys' kayaks.  My little daredevil decided he'd like to try to kayak, too.  So his Daddy snapped him in a life vest and helped him in his cousin's kayak.  J taught him how to hold the paddle and off they went!  This child knows no fear!  He had a big smile on his face the entire time he was in the water....

We all got a little tickled when he got a bit too close to the pier across the inlet from my Aunt's place - bless his heart, he couldn't figure which way to paddle, so he pretty much crashed (gently) into the pier.  Then, he couldn't quite figure out how to get out of his predicament, ie: how to "back it up".   Uncle J came to the rescue though, then he was off again. 

We left around 6 pm or so to head home.  We weren't in the truck for 20-25 minutes when I looked in the back seat and the little guy was out cold;  and yes, he then slept the entire trip.  When we got home, his daddy carried him in the house and as we were walking, we asked him about his day and told him how proud we were of his kayaking 'abilities'. 
His daddy said, "Boy, you can do anything, can't ya?"
Ben replied, "No.  I can't do a back flip." 

LOL!  I guess everything else is a breeze, but those back flips - can't do 'em!!

My Mother's day was wonderful, too.  I got a lovely card and some sweet-smelling lotion, shower gel and body spray from my little man (and his daddy).  I also got hand-made cards and goodies that he made at school.   My favorite gift of all?  My baby climbing into bed with me Sunday morning, a sweet smile, and a whispered, "Good morning, Mama".  Complete with hug and kiss.

I love being mama to this sweet, sweet boy.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ben!!!

You went to bed 5 years old.  You woke up this morning and you had miraculously turned 6!!  You're 6 years old!!   Where has the time gone, little man? 

Yesterday, you were just a little bigger than your (now favorite) stuffed bear named Bear.

Yesterday, you were all snuggled in your little onesie, playing with your feet.  I gave you your bottle and you fell asleep with your belly full.

Yesterday,  I held you in my arms while I rocked you and sang to you.  Daddy doesn't know our secret; that I would sit with you in my lap all day, just so I could look at you and memorize your every feature,  only getting up to go to the bathroom or to make you another bottle. 

Yesterday, you had your first day of preschool.  I took you and left you there at the school, worrying that you'd miss me or be scared - I was worried for nothing.  You had a ball.

Yesterday, I surprised you by meeting your class at the Aquarium for your field trip.  Your face lit up so bright when I told you that I'd been able to get off work unexpectedly and I could stay - and you didn't let go of my hand all day!

Yesterday, you started Kindergarten! You were so excited to be able to ride the school bus for the first time.  You got on board with a wave and a smile and never looked back.

Yesterday, you rode your bike without the training wheels for the first time.  We took the training wheels off and we gave it our best shot, and off you went!  Now, you're doing tricks and nothing scares you at all.  You were so excited to show Daddy your new accomplishment.

Yesterday,  you wrapped Daddy and me around your little finger.  Today, tomorrow and forever you will always be my baby.  I'm so thankful to God for the special gift of YOU.   Your heart, your spirit, your love of life,  your energy, your beauty.   All are gifts I'll treasure all the days of my life.

Happy 6th Birthday my little man.  Mommy loves you so much.