sweet boy

Bedtime last night - another 30-45 minutes worth of getting my very active and loud boy in the bed and on the way to sleep - he makes me melt.

Ok. Lemme back up a little here. We've been trying to get little man in the bed earlier and also trying to get him to go to sleep by himself. Really, it's all our fault that he wants me/us to stay with him - that's what he's known for all of his 4.5 years. We all climb into bed, snuggle and cuddle for a little while until somebody falls asleep. Usually it's all of us. Anywho.
So, we've instituted the 'I'm gonna stay with you for 10 minutes,
then I'll leave and you sleep' plan. Yeah, right.

Well. Last night the 10 minutes were up and I started to leave. Lots of "noMommydon'tleave me!" I stood by my plan though....hmmph.

Kisses, kisses, good night sweetie. One more hug. Kisses.

Then, the bomb.

"No, Mommy don't go......Mommy, your kisses all go away when I'm by myself"

I think I did quite well, though. I only stayed for a few minutes more so I could cover my stinky boy with a hundred more kisses. That should hold him.......and me.