Yes, Virginia......

One of the many questions that tend to keep me up at night finally made it's way into conversation a couple of weekends ago. Completely out of the blue.
We were in the car, headed somewhere; the sweetest hubby was driving, little man was in the back seat and I - blissfully unaware that I'd have to make a huge decision in a few seconds - was in the front passenger seat.
The sweetest voice in the world piped up from the back, asking:

"Mom, is Santa Claus real?"

My stomach dropped. My eyes went wide. I turned my head slowly to the DH with a 'oh, crap, now what?' look. I tried to ignore the question. I tried to pretend I had misunderstood. Seconds felt like minutes, when finally, I said, "Why do you ask, baby?" (oh no, oh no, oh no!)

"Because, ****** told me at school, that Santa Claus isn't real." (name omitted to protect the innocent little creep that just about ruined my sweet baby's childhood fantasies......grrrrrr!!)

DH, at this point, asked me just who is this ****** kid? I told him he's a very sweet little boy in little man's class. I know his mom, she's super-nice - but, c'mon! They're 5!!! Even if you don't believe - don't go blabbering it to everybody!

So, here goes. I have to make a decision here - split-second, I might add - do I lie, and keep up the act; or go ahead and tell him the truth? Now, people, he's 5! He'll learn soon enough about all the bad things in life.
I decided to keep up the act. Let him (and me!) keep the magic for a little while longer. Oh, and yes, he knows the most important, true meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth. But, Santa is a special little bit of lagniappe that I'm not willing to let go of. Yet.

So, I gave a tried and true politician-type answer..... er, non-answer.

I said, "Well, I believe in Santa. And Daddy, don't YOU believe in Santa?"

To which Daddy answered, "Absolutely!"

I said, "Didn't he bring you gifts this Christmas?"

Daddy then informed him that not everyone believes the same things that we do, and that's ok. We're not to judge what others believe.

Little man seemed ok with those answers and let the subject go. For now.

Now, I wait for the next questions. Whatever they may be.

Oh, and I've adopted this from a friend: If you don't believe, you don't receive.
(I believe, I believe!) :)