Hey, batta batta........!

And how was your weekend? Mine? Fantastically great, thanks for asking!
We woke up this morning to a bright, beautiful, sunshiney day - just a little chilly when wind would blow - but perfect for the first t-ball game of our little mans life.

Had a wonderful breakfast cooked up by the sweetest hubby in the world; eaten a little too leisurely, I guess, because we had to rush like whirling dervishes to get to the field by 10:15. The team came together on the field and got the final piece of their uniforms - new caps with their names/number embroidered on the back. Now, they're officially a team. And boy are they cute.

We weren't able to have practice last Saturday because of all the rain we had in the area, so the guys really have had only had one practice - at which, part of the time was taken up with pictures and just trying to herd 9 little boys into one small area - heck, some didn't even know how to put their glove on or throw a ball, much less the intricacies of playing the game. But, there's a schedule to keep, so off we go to the field.

Scrappers (yea!) v. Mudcats (boo)

The Scrappers got to bat first. Um, lemme pause a sec here. The coach said prior to the game that the players would bat in order of their jersey number. Ok, no problem there. Hmm...
Little man is number 8. One kid out today due to illness so that leaves our little guy batting last. All the other players got to hit and then run the bases - unless they were tagged out. Last batter up in the inning is our little hero. He hits (great job, btw!) and runs to first.......inning over. He never got to run past first base!!! Grr....not fair.
Mommy was not happy.

Mudcats at bat next. If I say so myself, our little guys did a much better job than they did. Got two real outs the first two at bats for the mighty Mudcats. But who's counting? I did notice a meltdown in the (not so) mighty Mudcats dugout that lasted through the bottom of the inning. One little guy obviously did not want to be there. Hey, there's no crying in baseball!
Sorry. Had to.

Mudcats did pretty well hitting, but inning over. Scrappers out in the field had done an outstanding job. I noticed our little hero plodding back to the dugout with his head down, shoulders slumped almost to the ground, hands just dangling loosely: the picture of the downtrodden. Assistant coach, aka Daddy, stopped him just as he came to the door of the dugout and said something to him. Not sure what it was, but it didn't sit well with our guy. Now, we've got ourselves a meltdown in the Scrappers dugout. Clean up on aisle ten. Off I go to the dugout to see what was going on.

Seems the problem lies in the fact that he didn't get to get to the ball. The coach had placed the players out on the field and would move them from time to time to let them get a little experience everywhere, but the ones in the outfield never really got a chance to do much - the balls weren't gonna make it to the outfield when they couldn't even hit it past (or to) the pitchers mound. So, he was understandably upset. I talked to him and let him know that everybody would get a chance to get the ball, he just needed to wait his turn. Meanwhile, back at the game, the Scrappers were up at bat. #6, #7...and hey, bud! it's your turn at bat! Tears are wiped and off he goes to bat. Swing!! Whaack! Ruuuuuuuunnnnnn, Bennnnnn! Off he goes to first. High-five with the first base coach, aka Daddy - again. Then: inning over. GRRRRRRRRR.....

Scrappers take the field. One or two batters later for the Mudcats and then little man gets his chance to head to the pitchers mound. He was thrilled! His whole demeanor changed. You could see his face shining with the smile that took over his face. And he.was.ready. I'm tellin' ya.

Batter up! Sa-wiiiinnng! Smack! GEEEEETTTTTT IT, Beeeeennnnnn!!! Woooo Hoooo! He stopped that ball like a pro!!!!!! Now, what to do with it? So, with shouts from the coaches all around, he starts to chase that little Mudcat around the field. I've never laughed so much. He tagged him somewhere between first and second base after a very circuitous route.

No sign of the dejected little baseball player would be seen in the park the rest of the game. Just giv'em a chance to get to the ball and he's happy.
And so is his mommy.

---Had special visitors to the park today to watch the first game of the season: our little hero had his Nanny and Pop in the stands. They got a much coveted thumbs up from the field when he took the pitchers mound.
Thanks for making the trip, N and P!

Boys have a.....

Just got home picking up little man from school. His teacher said, "he said the funniest thing today''. Uh oh.

Seems that one of the little girls has a rash of some sort on her, um.....hmm. Well, how bout 'thatwhichshouldbecoveredbyundies'?

Evidently this was the topic of conversation out on the playground this afternoon, so of course the little girl pulled her top up and pants down to show this rash to her friends. Little man included. Not one to keep such things to himself, little man ran to his teacher and said,

"Miss Katie, ****** just showed me her penis!!"


Maybe a lesson in the subtle differences between a boy and a girl would be appropriate?
Glad his daddy is coming home tomorrow.


"Mom-my! I stinkied!!!"

Now, that is an announcement I enjoy hearing. Mostly because that means I don't have to clean up an "accident" in the undies. Yeah, we're still dealing with accidents from time to time. Boys.
Oh no, we can't be bothered with going to the bathroom to do our business when there is playing to be done.

So, off to the potty I go to see what I can do to help with clean-up duty. joy

I find one completely naked boy - leaning over, both hands on the toilet seat; perusing the results of his 'efforts'.

"look, Mom! the circle one looks like a gobstopper!"

Niiiiice. I sure hope that wasn't what Willy Wonka had in mind when he came up with the everlasting gobstopper. Ewww.

Batter, up! Eh, almost.

T-ball practice was cancelled. We did get to make a trip to the field but because it had rained all night and continued to do so, the field was a sloppy mess. Got to meet the coach and all the boys on the team and also got fitted for t-shirts. Little man's number will be number 8!
Oh, and can I just say how stinkin' cute the boys were all lined up shortest to tallest.
OMG. Too cute.

Left there to buy uniform pants. Went to WallyWorld but no luck; then on to Dick's. So, ya think 4 is too old to strip a kid down to his underpants in the middle of the store? Hope not.
Cause we did; right there in the uniform aisle in front of God and everybody. My BFF made the comment: "Well, that's how rednecks do it."
Guess that answers that.

Uniform pants on a 4 year old boy = extreme cuteness. The butt? Oy. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Can't wait to get the full uniform on so I can get pictures.