Little man had to move his clip at school today....twice. He told me just as soon as he walked through the door, which is good. Mommy's not happy if she finds out on her own. Oh, and he also told me that he'd been wrongly accused by his BFF. Swears he didn't do it. (yes, they're always innocent...) Innocent maybe -but he still got in trouble enough to get a note sent home. This is Big Trouble at our house.

So, we're sitting at the bar having an afternoon snack and also discussing his punishment. When he gets a note home from school, the standard punishment is: no TV, no computer time, no outside time. He knows this - but, ya can't blame a kid for trying.

"when I finish my snack, can I go over to Miss Alicia's and play with their wii?"

"No, you can't. You can't watch tv or play games here, why do you think you can go over there and play?"

"because. well, can they come over here and play with my wii?" (we don't have a wii)

"No, they can't. Remember, you can't go outside."

"fine. I'll just go upstairs to my room and I won't do a puzzle for you anymore and I won't snuggle with you anymore"

"Why am I being punished for something you did at school?"

"because when you punish me sometimes you get punish" (his words. Oh, and it's all so clear now.)

As he's walking up the stairs, he calls out, accusingly:

"ok, then - when you're ready to let me go outside, you can come upstairs and get me, but you better hurry because I can fall asleep real fast."

Hmph. I guess he told me.